Mother Earth

The spirit world endows the physical world with many souls.

Who of these is to blame for the sad condition and bad health of Mother Nature?

When I walked the plains and forests, we experienced the four horsemen’s curses.

Warfare, pestilence etc, but all seemed to be in balance if one took the larger view.

We were more in control of our destiny.

We were not too greedy for space, ownership.

We did not needlessly destroy.

Modern man has justifications for his actions too but the stage is larger and more vulnerable to collapse.

It is difficult, my children, to advise you in this matter.

You can only live in the hope that the earth mother will take control of her own destiny while still allowing the spiritual progress of man.

Do not be individually greedy or destructive.

Try to live in respect, wonder and joy.

Love one another.

You and we are all one.


Native American Wisdom

Find the way.

Find the path.

It is said among my forefathers that the gust of the wind, the flow of the rivers, the bending of the plant has an inevitability.

This is the sense of spiritual direction in a life.

Heed the sounds and movements of nature.

They are determined. They are predestined.

They are rooted in Godhead.

Lie on the grass, look up at the sky and think of spirit.

Climb a tree, see the vista and think of spirit.

Ascend the mountain with the wise ones, stand on the edge of the world, see the flying eagle and feel spirit.

Keep all these things in your mind among the mundane world.


There Is

There is knowledge – pursue it.

There is conscience – analyse it.

There is love – express it.

There is suffering – alleviate it.

There is deprivation – ease it.

There are feelings – respect them.

There is fear – calm it.

There is lack of confidence – boost it.

There are dreams – live them.

There is doubt – reassure it.

There is ignorance – teach it.

There is greed – ignore it.

There are reasons – ponder them.

There is hatred – turn it around.

There are challenges – meet them.

There is jealousy – deny it.

There is forgiveness – express it.

There is pride – reduce it.

There are weaknesses – overcome them.

There is joy – bathe in it.

There is health – strive for it.

There are troubles – face them.

There is pain – bear it.

There are obstacles – jump them.

There is loneliness – reduce it.

There is peace – embrace it.

There is a life thereafter – know it.

There is spirit – welcome it.


We Will Send Down

We will send down justice for mankind to administer. Use it wisely.

We will send down healing for those in a position to receive and administer it.

We will send down knowledge for those able to receive and spread it.

We will send down compassion, learn to apply it.

We will send down appreciation of nature and the changing of the seasons. Absorb and revel in them.

We will send down gentleness, chivalry, a code of honor. Do not break it.

We will send down a striving for all things spiritual. The time to gain the most from a seeking of this is while in the earth form. Utilise it.

Love to you.



Where there is despair, may there be comfort and knowledge.

Where there is hatred, may there be a change of heart.

Where there is sorrow, may there be an arrival of the comforting truth of continued existence.

Where there is loneliness, may there be a conjoining of like minds to bring alleviation.

Where there is unlawful imprisonment, may those taking part in the unlawful incarceration come into the light of gentleness and knowledge, and may they be influenced to effort to alleviate the suffering they have caused.

Where there is great pain, may those blessed with healing power work on their behalf.

Where there is hurt caused to animals and children, may their defenselessness be noted by the perpetrators and compassion be experienced.

Where there is oppression may the leaders of men experience a change of heart and may they develop wisdom.

Where there is hunger, may it be alleviated by plenty.

Where there is agony of mind caused by drugs or depression may there be those with wisdom to help.

Where there is total isolation may a ray of hopeful light appear?

May all this happen by intervention of spirit?



By all that is true,

Ride the horse of adventure,

Climb the mountain of opportunity,

Glide on the river of abundance,

Benefit from the warmth of the sun in summer,

 Feel the gentle rain on your skin;

Weather the cold and storms of deepest winter.

Guard those entrusted to you, meet the stranger with courtesy and cordiality.

Keep quiet council,

Learn from the experiences and tribulations of others.

 Keep contact with spirit for healing and wisdom.

Walk with the clan in the sloping woodland.

Note the enthusiasm of the child and the wisdom of the elder.

Climb the mountain with the greatest of them for they lead you on the path if you take heed.

Sleep awhile.


The Bear Dance

The bear dance taught is of nature.

The dance acclimatised us to the hibernation of winter and the stretching of the spirit and limbs in spring.

It taught us of nurturing of the young in our enveloping warmth and then allowing them independent foraging and appreciation of the joys of nature around them.

It gave us strength of spirit. We honored the bear with dance tokens and symbols. We fished like the bear, we gambolled like the bear young, and we climbed the trees. We felt brave and invincible.


The Candle

A candle lights the way both figuratively and literally. A candle at night could keep the horrors of the dark at bay. It could signal the destination of a traveller if placed in a window.

Light and dark, two of the basic physical phenomenon. This positive or negative aspect of light or lack of it can denote a certainty of reaching the goal or floundering in a sea of doubt.

Also a strong symbolism.

Light a candle for a soul’s progress, light a candle to concentrate the mind and attention. It can be used as an object of meditation. It stills the mind and removes stress particularly if associated with certain music.

Use it as a focusing of the soul and mind.



A tree paganly festooned with decorations

A meal warmly participated in

A gift, or many such opened with glee 

A coming together of human hearts

A thought for others in trouble or need

A grasping of religious meaning by those of no faith

A joy anticipated eagerly by the young

It points to the life skill of living in and only for the moment. Try to grasp the essentiality of Christmas and it is elusive. There appears to be no particular moment to grasp.

It is a tedious (to some people) build up and a quick regret of it passing. It seems to amply demonstrate how difficult it is to live in the moment.



Education should be about love. The great love of imparting facts and who dares to follow me down the path. There is so much on the path to distract you. This is good too.

Your young brain is elastic and receptive. Let me stretch it for you, preferably without pressure of attainment and hourly time cycles. This path is good? Let’s stay on it. Once I have stretched your mind, you have the rest of your life to fill it with knowledge. This can be exciting, self-fulfilling – collecting a storehouse of nuts to share out amongst the next group of young. Do not let modern pressures cause them to be jaded. Let them fly through the pages of knowledge with eager wings. The thirst for knowledge should be innate, exciting and insatiable.

Think upon it.



Fly by night on a broomstick of joy, collect autumnal artefacts by day and treasure them as the passing of a seasons. Welcome the glow of the fire, the crackling of the branches. The smell of the pine and sizzling of the natural wood oils in the flame.

Light a lantern and swing it about to greet the season’s slumbering. Curl up in the warmth, surrounded by soft light and watch the brightness of the moon and silhouettes of the trees. Taste some fire cooked food and warmed spicy drink. Prepare to store up new energy for the coming seasons of warmth. If there are spirits abroad may they be those to whom you owe guidance and love.

I Bring...

I bring the driving wind.

I bring the gentle deer.

I bring the fellowship of the tribe.

I bring the strength of the eagle.

I bring the memories of freedom before the coming of the dark times.

I bring the freshness of the breeze.

I bring the knowledge of the plants.

I bring the sacrifice of the buffalo.

I bring the colours of the rocks.

I bring the peaceful screech of the circling eagle.

I bring the courage of the wolf.

I bring the oil of the dark trees.

I bring the warmth of the sun.

I bring the driving wind.

I bring the gentle deer.

I bring the fellowship of the tribe.

I bring the strength of the eagle.

I bring the memories of freedom before the coming of the dark times.

I bring the freshness of the breeze.

I bring the knowledge of the plants.

I bring the sacrifice of the buffalo.

I bring the colours of the rocks.

I bring the peaceful screech of the circling eagle.

I bring the courage of the wolf.

I bring the oil of the dark trees.

I bring the warmth of the sun.



If you comment on laughter and childhood fun.

I’ll show you a life that has just begun.

If you ask of the wonder of music and art.

I can speak of the special gifts of the heart

If you ask of the reason for struggle and pain.

I’ll show you the path of spiritual gain.

If you ask of the terrible hatred of war.

I can tell you of souls that are going before.

If you ask of the fate of a man so depraved.

I can lead you to know that his soul will be saved.

If you question man’s envy and cruelty and greed.

I can tell you that there no angel doth lead.

If you ask of apartness sorrow and grief.

I can speak of the comfort of trust and belief.

If you speak of kindness and tender love.

I give you the joys as a taste of above.

If you face your world with courage and fight.

I’ll show you a peace that leads to light.

The Angels are soaring, the Planets await

Man’s riding to princedom and heavenly fate.

When I Go

When I go, I hope it’ll be as fast as fast can be.

No languishing while carers call to make a cup of tea.

Tried falling off a mountain,

Tried drowning in the sea,

Tried dying of a great big cyst they then cut out of me.

And scissors that nearly fell on me,

They aimed straight for my head (from 2 floors up)

I’m lucky that I’m not completely really dead.

A bomb came down 2 houses down

My brother lay on me.

He was only 9 and I was only 3.

I think I’ve had enough escapes, I’ll sit so still and wait.

I’ve learnt that several small events are something they call fate.

They really had some fun with me and put me to the test

When I am on the other side I hope to take a rest.

It seems that spirit has a hand in this small thing called fate

I’d better sit so quietly now, ‘til they let me through the gate.


They fought, they didn’t reason why,

Country calls - prepare to die.

The young men went, adventure bent, to witness carnage, where bodies lie.

In trenches bloody mud and gore

What country needs that aggression raw?

How come the land must bend beneath,

the intrusive power of nation states,

while wife and lover endure their fates?

Not personal but offered up to Gods of vengeance, Gods of hate.

What man would wish to kill his brother

Unless driven to hatred by another?

Who stands above him shouting “Time”

Over the ramparts you will climb?

Its death or glory but later find

the sickening dreams invade the mind.



Fight your dragons!

They are your dragons.

They are specific dragons. They are for you to recognise, face and learn from.

A life which does not encounter a snarling angry dragon is a wasted life of ease and a lack of progress.

A dragon appears in a myriad of colours. You know what he represents. You need armour, a sword and a coat of protection.

He will submit once faced with honesty to yourself, bravery and the determination to face him down. He might represent a personality defect on a vast chasm of pain or depression, or a myriad of life’s problems.

You let him out of the cage.

You must deal with him.

Then return to the other life with the knowledge and satisfaction of a heroic fight well fought…


Find that within which is the truth

Find that which within children, is innocence

Find that which within nature is a blossoming, a fruitfulness and productivity

Find that within your surroundings, which is peace

Find that which is knowledge and wisdom which comes from learning and wise people

Find that within your food which nourishes and sustains you.

Find that within your sleep which is refreshing and restoring

Find that within your animals and pets which is loyal and trusting

Find that within your family, work or talents which nurtures your nature

Find that within contact with us which throws a protective cape over all that you do, say and love.


We are here Trust is a part of that knowledge. We trust.

We flourish in the power of trust.

 We are caused.  What we start continues through aeons, space and soul life times.

We know that which you only suspect until the truth is revealed before you as you sit in trust..

We too sit in trust to soak up knowledge of what is above us and previously hidden. We have trust and faithfulness in that knowledge.

We know it is important to assimilate that and pass it on to your sphere.

We are always at hand.  You cannot reject us for long once you have set out on the path of trust.

We are linked. We trust. You trust.

Borrowed Time


We seek it but we have it.

It’s elastic so we waste it.

It’s a gift to spend a life with.

Its elastic, out it stretches.

All we love are sharing it too.

There’s so very much more that we can do.


From birth to death its presence is there,

We ignore it until it greets us at the door.

We place our hopes, our fears, our joys within it.

It should fill our being and dictate our way.

Life is it, to ride on joyfully or to push into the shadows.

It’s lent to us but there is a time of return.

Renew it, remember it, notice it.

Use it well.


A man can be an island

A man can spin a web

His life can be a tapestry

We can connect or we can withdraw into a state of contentedness

Activity and stillness

A fulfilled life will have a good balance of both

Don’t seek a cloak of disillusionment

Materialism is an escape from reality as drugs are an escape from the knowledge of your true self

Pass on good wisdom to the next generation

May they seek purpose, friendship and honesty in the turmoil of the world

Ask for knowledge

Ask for wisdom Ask for companionship

 Ask for a good purpose in life

Does modern woman have more chance…

Does modern woman have more chance to develop her soul compared to those who were stuck in a ‘pinny’

Modern lives, faster pace, think in a blink.

Modern stress, time goes by as fast as a wink. Juggling the working, house and child.

No time to sit back being bored and mild.

If they wished, they had time to reflect on a Sunday.

Or did they only think of the wash on a Monday.

Straight jacketed minds controlled by the church.

What internet, so much that we now search. It seemed so secure but provincial too.

Would not swop though.   Bring on the chaos we go through.


Grudges are not held on the other side

This side is where we hold grudges.

This side is where we can express meanness and wish for vengeance

This side is where we express jealousy and hatred.

This side is where we are obstinate and self-seeking.

This side is where we can be dominating and possessive.

This side is where we can be mean spirited and lacking in humour.

This side is where we can be impatient and lacking in tolerance.

This side is where we can be power driven and self-seeking.


The other side is we are freed from the shackles of all that.

The other side is where we self-judge over all those issues that we were heir to.


If the self-judging still leaves room for improvement, we must come back again to this side to try again.













Meet Your Guides

Did you know I’ve got an Indian?

You’ve probably got one too

Must be true, they were very wise

So back they come to us, to advise

They connect with people in this way of life

To help us deal with trouble and strife


If you like to write, there’s a Chinese Man there

Out comes Philosophy, he doesn’t turn a hair

If healing is your strength, you’ve attracted a nun

Sometimes it’s just Grandad because he used to be fun


We’ve all got guides and helpers too

They smile when you’re happy and help when you’re blue

Line them all up and think about them all

They’ll always advise you to stand up tall

To deal with life’s problems, they’re on your side

They know when you’re happy and when you’ve cried


If you need some support, invite them in

They’ll strengthen your character and help you win


When I was a child the cowboys I’d fight

‘Cos I felt for the Indians, we didn’t treat them right

Spiritualists and Indians get along fine

We are earthbound, they are more divine

Power Animals

The wolf slid past me, he trotted ahead with

 a  backward glance to make sure I followed. He is knowledge… I will follow him to   the ends of the earth.

The eagle glided just above our heads.  “I am strength and wisdom,” he said. “I will not leave you as long as you have the right desire of passing on this knowledge to those who also desire to follow the wolf.

When you were young and mostly thought not much at all of these matters, I was then the lion which had the strength to protect you from feeling too greatly, the torments of your fellow men around you.

I could change to the salmon fighting to reach its birth. I could be the quiet owl sitting in your tree. Have you thought the all providing bison or the shambling bear who is sharper than he seems?  

Oh, to have the freedom of a small bird or the industry of an ant.

 Take, choose, and recognise whichever power animal   has the greatest import to you at this time. Like those   others in the spirit world, we await to serve you and others. All nature is consciousness, movement,   decay, dying and moving on. You cannot but help to love nature all the more for being involved in our basic essence whatever creeping, running, slithering, flying or swimming creature we might be

Reach for the light

We are not here to revel in darkness              

We are here to reach for the light

We mewling babies are born once again

A stage on the journey, a lifetime of fighting


  the learning of a previous life

Take on new agendas of doubt and of strife

Relive incarnations with a desperate will

To advance on the path we need to fulfil

Remembrance is ours on the other side

Conscience prevents all that we would hide

An ultimate place, not to have to return

The trials overcome, now may we turn

To seek that true light that’s always before

Do we fuse into realms of love evermore?

Take my Strength


I am your horse.  I am your eagle, wolf, or whatever gives you the most encouragement and strength.

I am also a departed relative and I am going nowhere until we are together.

We are your circle of gone-before friends.

We will greet you and never forget you.

We are your muses if you are exploring the beauties of this world in art, dance or music.

We are standing here to give you inspiration in your work or thirst for knowledge.

When you flag, we supply upliftment in the form of healing. When you practice healing and we can channel the power through your nerves, sinews and intentions, we revel in the love that is produced.

When you are in quiet contemplation or in sync with nature we quietly stand by your side to pass you joy and upliftment. We are all eternally linked…the spirit is all one …it is but love.

When you cry that agony we lead you to a state of crying sweet sorrow. You glimpse us…we give you signs…accept, use and develop them.

Show Me


I know I travelled in the mists of sleep.

Felt the tug of day as the world awoke.

 I close my eyes.

Please to show me again the unbroken body of a loved one’s soul’

 Their journey over, their feeling of whole.

Gone to that home where the peace abounds in a light of healing hue.

The tempers and uncertainties replaced anew.

Basking in a love of a God not seen but felt all around with a knowledge keen.

Their journey continues but they await our time.

They’ll greet us and soothe us as that peak we climb.

We’ll shake off the shackles of a life so dense, the lessons endured and learnt and hence-

We’ll take stock, move on to our path above

Revelling in the joy of love.

Cry not for the loss of those souls gone there.

 They’re treading that path which is just and fair.


 The Wolf

The jump, the twist, the joy, savouring the frosty air and the snow-clad  floor.

I am beside him. I am the man observer.

He brings me cunning.

He brings me strength.

I call and he appears. He stops, observes me with his inscrutable eyes.

I need his help…the hunt…the tracking.

He plods beside me.

He mounts the crest of the snowy hill.

He observes, throws back his head and calls out to the seasons.

He trots off purposefully.

I know I have met him full-on.

I know he is there for my inspiration, comfort and guidance.



 Twin Souls

Over the vast and sun-drenched canyons, I soar with through, below and above the screeching cry of the eagle.

I stand on the rock beside the wise one.

He is tall, powerful, my rock.

I stand with him, in awe of him and nature.

We survey the wind currents carrying the majestic flight of the beaked one.

We survey together with a binding knowledge that lasts through eons of time.

We experience, we depend, we grow together with the certainty of the lofty pine.

We sleep in health and knowledge… souls intertwined in arcane knowledge ,  .

His essence is within me…my spiritual yearning desires within him.

I live. He waits. Could this interchange be?  Could I reciprocate and be his rock?

The wind blows. The wind knows.

What Options

What options do we have when life gets tough?

In our lives there is an on switch and an off switch. When our switch is on we fly through every day with strength, with certainty, with a desire to grab and use every opportunity. All is rosy … all  is ease. Somebody or something switches us to the off state. The goals we had before seem meaningless... the aims we had seem pointless… the relationships we had seem dulled and unfulfilling. The world that plunged through with courage suddenly seems dark. Where is our independence? Why are you imposing this on us? Let me break through with determination to the on- switch stage no matter what my limitations might now seem to be. If a curtain is drawn between light and dark, let my mind still to use my options for going ahead even if my body or surroundings be curtailed in some way. Let not the dark depressive side descend and take away the fight and the glory.

Why are most Signs…

signs from the other side subtle?

Half the people in the western world are agnostic.    They think there must be something after death but have never thought about what form it could take.

The Christian idea of    heaven is not specific. It seems to offer a static situation of extended bliss with maybe the occasional concert by a heavenly choir with wings. The idea is rejected by some but what idea can take its place?

Those born with strong mediumistic gifts have more definite ideas because of so much evidence thrust into their consciousness. The rest of us meander through life and when our need is great, we are given subtle signs from departed ones. Most of us do not pay attention to them. Most people you meet could come up with an incident of a touch from the other side.

 We have to be introduced to the concept of eternity slowly. We like to be thrilled by stories of ghostly appearances but in that gross form, it’s something we reject as unsettling and we like to scuttle back to what we call reality.

No, says spirit… start thinking about it, did we move that picture frame? What was that shadow seen out of the corner of your eye? What was that subtle touch like a cobweb on your face? Could that really be a disembodied spirit ruffling the top of your hair?

Let me start thinking about this strange thing. Let me put my feet gently into the sea of spirituality. Let me begin to be convinced.  Would I be petrified if my departed loved one appeared full on?  Let me cling to reality while considering that there are spiritual waters to dabble in.

Maybe it takes less spirit energy to introduce subtle touches to us or they use all the energy that is available to them at the time.


 Why do we need religion in our lives?

 Because it gives us the hope to carry on.

  Why do we want to carry on?

Because life can be magical and mysterious and fulfilling.

 Why do some souls never even have the freedom to think in that direction?

Because their Karma in this life is concerned with the struggle to exist at all.

Why can there be a world in existence which offers such huge variations of relative ease and abject misery?

Because souls are not all at the same level of development.

Why do we have animals round us apart from our desire to eat meat?

Because they, as groups, need to taste the highs and lows of life.

Why do some innocents die so young or become trapped in bodies with little expression?

Because they have opted to sacrifice their existences for others to learn.

Why the yin and yang balance? Why dark souls with no hope and experiencing souls who have a goal?

Because the creator has to express the dark side and the light side and its very existence depends on that.

Why am I “me’ and not somebody else?

Because expression of a particular personality is so important and somebody has to be ‘you’.

Why am I loved?

 Because you are.

Why do I criticize? Because you have a way to go.

Why does the sun keep on shining?

Thank the creator that it does. +

Twin Souls

 Over the vast and sun-drenched canyons, I soar with through, below and above the screeching cry of the eagle.

I stand on the rock beside the wise one.

He is tall, powerful, my rock.

I stand with him, in awe of him and nature.

We survey the wind currents carrying the majestic flight of the beaked one.

We survey together with a binding knowledge that lasts through eons of time.

We experience, we depend, we grow together with the certainty of the lofty pine.

We sleep in health and knowledge… souls intertwined in arcane knowledge ,  .

His essence is within me…my spiritual yearning desires within him.

I live. He waits. Could this interchange be?  Could I reciprocate and be his rock?

The wind blows. The wind knows.