You have this week empathised with someone in a situation of justified and frustrated anger. We will strive to change the situation and please send thoughts and requests concerning this. You notice the closeness of the small blackbird.

Dog, cat, bird can show a surprising harmony when they are all enveloped in a loving surrounding.

We will try to influence the consciousness of the neighbour with the rifle and his intent against doves. Send us help in this direction.

Every week you are going to a place which is harbouring a true example of harmony combined with rational thinking and which seems such a powerhouse of love projected and healing and communication achieved. This place represents a microcosm of the utopia which the earth plain could be but was not designed to be. Without negativity, war, want, pestilence etc it would not be possible for souls to develop.

The plane above is merely a resting place and a sphere of self appraisal. What follows is likely to be reincarnation, of a taking on of further duties in the spirit world.

It is hard to put into earthly words the nature of the many realms ‘above’ but all life force strives to progress towards this indescribable outcome. A man who is handed too much knowledge would not be able to hang onto his sanity.

Souls on the earth plain are usually offered a protective cloak of ignorance for this reason. When the need is great, the cloak parts slightly to let in some knowledge of the upper realms.

Man finds it hard to operate by reason alone and naturally thirsts for mystical knowledge. This is part of progress.

Go in peace.


Love and Evil

Bleak seems to be the outlook for many but there is always hope. Blind faith is the answer for many. They close their minds to the whys and wherefores and stumble on without self-analysis or considering details of the next life. 

If their burden becomes too great they can lose that faith and deny everything they once believed, stating that no loving god could impose that much cruelty on those souls he professes to love and therefore they decide his existence must be impossible.

Now their outlook is extremely bleak and where would hope be now?

If they can be taught that the Great Spirit or God is love then they realise that they should work on their souls to eventually become melded in with that love. Working on their souls entails finding and experiencing the essence of this love which can be the reward for endurance through the bleak times and fighting the evil which somehow must exist as a separate force which is not encompassed by the Godhead.

The Godhead is light fixed and permanent. Evil is the opposite and its existence cannot be denied.

We need to take many lifetimes to fight through that evil to reach the light… our home.

We cannot understand why there is the pull to the light but we know that the existence of guilt is our rejection of the dark.



You meet a person. You are struck by the outward personality. Maybe you have a romantic notion that this being is competent, sure, self-reliant. Possibly their position as a family member, their career would make it seem so. See more of this person and the spiritual being will start showing more of itself. It might be strong, self-reliant with a will to empathise with, and love and develop through contact with others or there may be a soul showing a need to be advised, reassured. 

Beneath a veneer of confidence or indeed of negativity there may be a person crying out to be led, taught, advised, shown how to deal with torments, worries, doubts, losses.

We are all shepherds or sheep in varying circumstance.

Learn to receive and pass on love and compassion. We are all interlinked and there for each other.


Poppy Day

The flowering of the human spirit is always amplified in times of war.

 As horrifying and desperate it seems to be to those forced to participate, it is both one of nature’s ways of reducing the population and allowing a speeding up of the experience and development of souls.

It is horrific, cruel and devastating but at the same time there is an amplification of emotional feelings allowing a rapid thrust of development to a soul.

It allows so much in the way of compassion, brotherly love, concern for others safety etc.

In so many, in such a short time, a nobility of action and thought is highlighted.

Conflict on such a wide scale is of course only possible because of the more recent development of means of communication. It is a matter of scale.

The experiences throughout the ages of combatants has not changed – the anguish of family members missing one of their number, the trauma imposed upon so many young people in such a short space of time – the condensation of shock, loss and horror – the subsequent flowering of art, literature and music which is a direct result and of course of great importance to mankind’s psyche.

It is right that so many people’s emotions are affected and involved in various acts of remembrance. War, pestilence, infirmity and deprivation are inevitable and the constant battle against them is what leads to the development of a soul.



Today you were privileged to share in the knowledge of the depth of the flowing of the love between two people and to know how they took the depth of that feeling for each other to express a feeling for nature and encompassing closest harmony. Their love might have been cut short but blessings to them and what they did have.

You could meditate on the damson connection being a proof of some of the continuing existence of the soul. Weep for her as the dictates of your physical body forces you to but you are so aware of the fact that this visceral reaction is only an expression of the encasement of the soul within the confines of the body.

You are so aware of the fact that the experienced soul flies, free from shackles, to abodes suited to their development, there to take rest, consolidate, feel the love of helpful beings.

To take stock – to question – to extend their intellects and to consider the means of further progress – to feel the pull of the expression of love in earthly form or discarnate form – to amplify joys felt on earth which were a mere taster of the possibilities of joys from other spheres. Those many mansions.

Rest and sleep well.



Like the dew on the grass and trees, may I cry tears of joy and compassion?

May the hatred and terrible deeds engendered by hatred between religion and races be given a reason to feel even more compassion?

I can try to alter negative actions and thoughts within my compass.

Help me to understand that greater and widespread suffering is taking place for the ultimate development of souls.

Allow me to understand why all this should be necessary in the vast scheme of things.

May my thoughts and prayers at least help to relieve a minute part of that suffering?

Keep me compassionate and loving.


Be Happy

Claim that which is yours by right, but that is not to say that the results cannot be shared. Accept that which comes through you as a joint effort. Teamwork on this side is the most likely origin of the transmission. Teamwork directing power and transmitting knowledge on our side and hopefully dissemination on yours through your net of acquaintances becoming larger. We wish those you meet to be comforted and excited by the knowledge of the hereafter. Your art is beautiful, ours all the more so. Colours, music, nature acknowledged as outstanding on your side are indescribable on ours – such depth, beauty, vibrancy as you have yet to experience or should we say re-experience.

Be happy.




Love is not only encapsulated by religion. Religion means “a way of life”. It has much of the flavour of the geographical origin, manner of dress, custom, eating habits, moral codes. It is a blueprint for a life well led and the essence of all religion is universal love, sacrificial love, all giving and encompassing love. Contact with spirit through any of the senses is a fast tracking to a realisation of the power of love weaving through stated and defined religion.

That religions in their varying structures should separate man from loving one another goes against the very grain of the expression of pure spiritual love. Religion should merely be a cohesive vehicle for the expression of compassion and all that that can lead to in the way of attitude, life and action.

Work with it.



Hounds are set to go with those who need them. They bark with delight and the joy of living. If you sometimes feel that shaft of delight that is living, try to express it in any way you know how.

Sing, clap your hands. Express this feeling which is given to us so rarely. It suddenly bubbles up out of nowhere and lasts but a second. It is not usually sustainable but never forgotten when felt. It is a small helping of pure delight and comes to us unbidden.

Grasp those rare moments and place them in an album of memory. They bubble up to our consciousness from source and tell us of pure love unrelated to events of life.

They are small slices of pure excitement not often felt since childhood. It is a snapshot of the life which is felt on the other side, a temptation of knowledge which is pure fleeting joy.

We are destined eventually to bathe in this joyful knowledge which is called heaven.

Mourning is sorrow for the self. How can we deny them that experience of joyful emotion that all is well.


 Love is a thing with which to honour others.

Honour is a noble cause with which to live by.

Life is a gift with which to progress by.

Progress is the result of a useful life.

A useful life is a meaningful passing of time.

A passage of time is a thing to be grasped whole-heartedly from which to obtain maximum benefit.

Maximum benefit for the soul can be realized by the expression of joy, contentment and the demonstration of compassion.

Compassion is to be grasped and spread for the benefit of common spiritual development.

Spiritual development is the one and only reason for taking on the mantle of an earthly incarnation.

Earthly incarnations and spirit are meant to meet with a common purpose.

Peace to you.

Benefits Of Healing

The development of souls over eons of time and a multiplicity of lives can be likened to a process of healing. As with illness representing a feeling away from bodily or mental imperfection so being a soul experiencing a lesser or more advanced state. Apply the laws of harmony and the result is produced. Heal the body and greater comfort ensues. Heal the mind and a person can cast off the shackles and start to reach for a more meaningful purpose in life. Heal the soul and it reaches up and asks for further advancement to reach an inexpressible goal. 

Spirit working at optimum potential can reach the life force more easily on that which is healed or where the way has been opened further. This applies to plants animals or humans.


We would like to talk about a subject close to your heart. Youth has an innocence which radiates. The outer body shows so often, poise and beauty. Inside there is often turmoil, uncertainty. The sample of young people you saw today are for the most part confidently on a path leading to a responsible and sure life. But there are so many others in less nurturing environments who are desperately needing guidance, lacking a mature parent on which to rely.

Life for some, sets a shining example of the good person but this is not within the reach of so many despairing young souls. Some are helped by self-sacrificing individuals. Others are left in a life of despair which leads to a life of wrong doing. Such is the harsh schoolroom of the human condition.   


Make that which is deep and unknown come to the surface. We skim through life on the surface. If we hit rough patches, we tend to suppress. All that which is suppressed over the years sits there like a subterranean mountain, gently simmering.

We can experience irrational bursts of temper or sorrow, not realising that the mountain cannot contain all that should be expressed, indefinitely

Let me heal you in whichever way I am led or trained and initially you will feel a welling up of tears. These tears are not yet understood but we now feel that life has opened up paths and people and helpers to us.

 Now we can release. Now we can become a new person, stepping out in a new direction, old baggage discarded.

Very often, this leads to a change of entrenched beliefs, even to a new career which maybe, is more fulfilling in a more caring manner,

Go with it, find intuition. Let the changes flow. Be thy new person. We are all broken goods trying to become whole and wending our way to the celestial summit.

Deprivation of Senses


Most lives are chosen by the participants. Those born blind or deaf, or becoming so in late life, have a life pattern to play out… We make a choice… We have a rough plan of how out life will be and what we wish to learn from it or how we would help others learn from it.

There are many life stories that can be played out, all of which are for the benefit for the souls of humans. There are numerous ways in which a difficult life path can be presented and played out.

Those with certain difficulties either succumb to those and maybe have to face them again here or in the hereafter or in a reincarnated situation.

We ought to feel compassion for all unfortunates facing horrendous situations of a very varying nature but there is a limit to how much the compassionate one can change situations for such a myriad of souls.

We can but continue to battle against negativity, putting in what seems like small efforts, but that is the necessary fight for right and good

Happiness builds up the Immune System

Dispel negative emotions as soon as you can after they arise. Diseases lurk within us and flourish when our mental life is invaded by jealousy, doubt and particularly anger. If these negative emotions churn through our head, we are likely to come down with some illness.  Aim for meditation and therefore calm thinking and reasoning. Unwanted emotions put us in the fight or flight mode with adrenaline flowing but no action to subdue the flow. This upsets the hormonal balance completely and leads to stress- related illnesses. Go for a walk in the woods, head for the beach or local Park. Sit with trees and nature whenever you can. Reason out the causes of your mental lack of balance. Do physically what you can about it and then offer the rest of it up to the creator and guides and helpers to step in to try to deal with the rest.

More Love…

More  love is required for imperfection

We are all imperfect. We all need healing and nurturing. We all need guidance whether temporal or spiritual. Courage and love, offered or taken, is what gets us further along the path. Courage to give us the desire to overcome the imperfections which   we manifest and love added to that to give us the required power. We all thirst for love from all those around us. As a tiny child, if we are fortunate, we seek the parental shelter of pure love. We never lose that subconscious desire and many humans show imperfections of character as a means of gaining attention which is really a substitute for that pure love that we hanker for. We want that love to be unconditional. That is why we are so comforted by the form of love that our pets can offer us. Spirit is always described as a vessel for unconditional love. May spirit help us hone our souls by removing imperfections of body and mind.

Receiving Healing

The power of a healer can be so impressive that it is life changing. Receiving of healing can be felt on so many levels. What aspect of the human entity is being healed? Who of us can state that we are 100% fit? So, healing can be received by all on a physical level. Who can say that their minds and emotions are on an unchanging level of 100%? So, healing can be received on a mental level. Who can say that they sit totally happily with the power of their subconscious? The subconscious, even with the calmest person, can still raise its head and cause nightmares or unwanted emotions. Healing would help us to analyse these unwanted emotions and to calm the subconscious.  Stress can cause the autonomous system to malfunction which leads to illness and imbalance of the physical body so, of course, we can benefit from healing in that respect. Finally, to a person who has many years of healthy food, much meditation and practice of spiritual values, healing can be accepted as another aspect of the psychic and spiritual life, leading to such a mindful experience of the powers coming through. That experience can be taken as the prime gift and the healing of the body as a welcome bonus.

There is no War to…

Maybe we have developed enough not to want to capture enemies for the purpose of slave labour.

Maybe we are not as territorial as we were with regard to fighting for the lands of others.

Maybe we no longer wish to conquer for the soul reason of displaying control and power over one another.


We certainly keep a beady eye on the natural resources of a country (such as oil) and we invade for that game while using some spurious pretext for war.


War based on the righteousness of a certain religion over another unfortunately still exists.

We should have learnt throughout the ages that differing religions can keep outer trappings of expression while appreciating their similarities and not their differences.

There is always conflict at any one moment.

How long will it take for nations to stop ‘Sabre Rattling’?

To Thine own Self be True

When working for spirit, there is a certainty, a knowingness of being on the right path. We are then guided by a strong comforting certainty as to what approach we take.

If our own self melds with the values of those who with obvious wisdom guide us and prod us from above, then it should not be too difficult to find that we are dealing with our own positive values rather than the negative ones.

Hopefully, our own self has turned away from most negativity and basks in the protective light that radiates down from above – not only from above but enables us to feel we move and have our being within a large protective circle of light.

In our earlier days, this protection was not so strong and negativity could be close to us and more personally menacing. As we develop, we are acutely aware of suffering of all sorts and spend more mental time trying to send healing to areas of suffering. We are given personalities which constitute the self but the lucky or rewarded ones do not find too much within those personalities to battle against.

We can fight our small demons, feeling that the strength to do so can be drawn from the other side while having sympathy for those whose demons close in on them so strongly that they are possibly unaware that they could call for spiritual armour against them.