Mediums very often perceive the presence of guides around those they meet.

How often it is noted that humans are travelling their life’s path with the protection and influence of a nun, Chinaman or American Indian. Guardian angel is the perceived literary term for them very often but angels are from the upper realms of the great spirits spheres and their great accomplishments within the sphere of spirituality are not usually so specifically fixed upon the progress on one soul.

All things filter down from above to maintain the constant upper evolution of all souls. Like the expansion of the universe there is an ever upwards progression of spirit towards ineffable higher realms.

 On earth, power is expressed through accumulation of possessions, land or business acumen, using domination and demanding respect from others, while not necessarily demonstrating goodness or spiritual development.

These abilities and their expression can take a whole lifetime to achieve but after death possibly count for almost nothing.

A whole new agenda is offered to an arriving soul. Previous power and domination counts for nothing in the rarefied spheres. There it is all about self-assessment, humility and a wish to participate in all actions solely surrounded by the power of love directed at others.

Guides and other entities are appointed or self-appointed to facilitate this process. They infuse knowledge and healing throughout the various levels of existence.



Meditation is an art which requires practice and methods of refinement. Usually for the beginner meditator the problem is single fold. They cannot stop their thoughts from following the usual paths which would take place during daytime activities or unplanned reflective time.

Stage 2 needs to be self-discovered or come from some other source of learning.

This usually takes the form of:

A)    Suggestions concerning surroundings at the time of the meditation

B)    Allowing the body to be lying or seated comfortably or even in a standing pose.

C)    Thinking of and consciously relaxing the body parts usually from the top of the head downwards.

D)    Attention being given to the breathing, noticing its pattern and relaxing into that level of breathing which seems effortless and natural.

When all of the above has become second nature and almost reached instantaneously then the mind can be posed with problems.

If there has been years of practice achieving this level, the mind has probably been schooled into not engaging in too many “monkey - thoughts” ie normal daily uncontrolled thoughts of daily concerns and mundane matters, so to such a practitioner  now the mind says “Now what?” and begins to strive for a method which will produce meaningful results.

In the meantime the mind considers whether prayer would be a good format or sending healing thoughts to self or others or sending loving thoughts to those departed to enable them to make “soul progress” or to try to consider one occupying scene such as the viewing of a candle or holding the mind onto the soundtrack of suitable music or reaching out for an all-encompassing feeling of love or compassion or the sweet sadness of grief.

So now it seems the mind of the more experienced meditator is in almost an undirected state as the mind of a novice.

Hopefully the powerful and intense realisation of love will, if all too briefly, have been experienced. This is the ultimate goal surely? There is no doubt about this if it has been experienced in all its intensity so how can we enter this state for longer periods and if we cannot, is there any purpose in trying to meditate at all?

One wonders whether at this stage a greater affinity with “The Source” would not be achieved in a group situation more readily. For this there needs to be an experienced, wise and mature leader.

There can be set backs lasting many years if one has been “put off” the path by those who consider themselves suitable leaders but are in reality ego-driven and still lacking in suitable wisdom.

At this stage of the meditators path no doubt he can only ask for help from his spirit guides and have the patience to continue the disciplined practice and await results.



Trust and you will learn. It has been said so often that finding one’s spiritual nature and purpose can be likened to the opening of an orchid. Mentioning one of nature’s beauties, one can also mention nature’s miracles, the complex and completely amazing workings of the mammalian body, the whorls of seeds of a sunflower, and the spiral of shells both conforming to a mathematical complex pattern.  The construction of bird feathers to allow flight, the fact that a dog can differentiate between 1000’s of different scents.

The amazing advancement of mankind’s abilities due entirely to an opposing thumb and to the development of speech. Consideration should also be given to drama, music, art, literature, sculpture, dance, and the miracle of childbirth.


Pursuit Of Happiness

Lose yourself in others and their wellbeing.

They return to you spiritual gifts in words.

Forget self – it is not meant to be a vessel of this elusive thing called happiness.

Empty your basket of well-being – let others dip into it. All is to be shared.

What matters, one person’s happiness when all around are various manifestations of despair.

Things are as they will be.

Even deep compassion carries an agony of mind – the feeling of what others go through.

A shared life, a reaching towards the joys of the next life.

Savour peace of mind, can happiness be known?



The trappings of religion do not necessarily raise human consciousness to a significant spiritual level one whit. They are merely a vehicle of superstitious behaviour which can lead to personal justification for wrong behaviour or for trapping the mind in a comfortable blanket of self-delusion.

True spirituality is a freedom of joy and knowledge independent of any creed, dogma, or superstitious behaviour. It is a knowledge of what truly was, what is or should be and what is to come. It is a certain knowledge leading to acceptance of the life force as it is and how it works through us. It is a knowledge of independence and security in life’s path.

It is so.



Don’t seek it.

It will backfire upon your own karma.

No soul is accountable for the progress of the soul of another.

Retribution or vengeance is a form of hatred in itself. It is a backlashing showing in itself, lower emotions. When the perpetrator of a vile deed reaches the other side he/she is totally accountable for the action taken during their earthly life. Minds can be twisted by the brain washing of hateful ideology or by the numbing produced by exposure to mindless violence.

We cannot know, while we wear an earthly mantle, what lies in store for us or others, the consequences or the causes of negative actions. It is not for us to lay out or influence such things.

We read often that the greatest development of the soul takes place under adverse conditions.

If the perpetrator of an evil act has hurt us or ours, emotionally or physically, why let it also damage us on the soul level?

Note the mind-set of the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela who contemplate not just one but thousands of terrible deeds against their peoples.

That is on a vast scale but they still put forward compassion and forgiveness.

It is not up to us personally to understand the form of the lessons which life has to offer.

Do not sit under the shadow of vengeance.

Seek peace and understanding.


Seek The Way


Bear in mind that those who know don’t speak. Deep and inner knowledge is arcane, is hidden, is a treasure to lust for, to seek.

Material items found without sacrifice are impossible to appreciate. So it is with the knowledge of spiritual matters, speak to the gods, go on the hunt with an earnest mind and small nuggets will be found. The complete picture is not offered up immediately at the beginning of the seekers path. You must wish for wisdom, immerse yourself in right mindfulness and set on the path with honesty and dedication.

Seek the way.


Spiritual Guidance

May love and compassion be developed?

May wings of healing reach those who are fettered, sick or frightened?

You ask for guidance as to which entity is about to write with you. All you need to do is relax and actions will flow.

We are aware that through the new medium of communication, now so instant that the messages we put across, plus the message previously given to your mother, can reach and help and stimulate the minds of so many so instantly.

One of the Buddhist precepts is to be aware of unnecessary speech which merely unsettles peace of mind.

It can be mindless flutterings which satisfy basic instincts or, consciously used well can even lead to a new expression of love, which is so instant and so wide ranging.

Use the medium with wisdom and helps others to do so. Setting up a protective white light would be a good habit.

As least knowledge of our type of communication is able to be spread, not to just the few you may encounter nor left to the chance publication in print.

It can be instantly presented and hopefully those who need its knowledge will be guided and inspired to happen upon it.

It is such a vastly powerful medium for the raising of consciousness and may it lead to the freedom of expression necessary in societies where freedom of speech and freedom of print are curtailed.

Love and peace to you.


Sub-consciousness and Super-consciousness

Tap into your higher consciousness to find divine truths. The subconscious does not lend itself to these efforts. It controls automatic body functions, it stores and supresses trauma and unpleasant experiences. It connects with the universal dream state mind to produce dreams of importance and forgotten knowledge, fears and instinctual truths.

The higher consciousness is in an ever ready state for us to connect but our daily activities produce a jumbled stream of disconnected thoughts often obscuring truth.

We slumber with the subconscious, we distract ourselves with the daily consciousness.

To connect with the higher consciousness we need to develop an attitude of prayer or meditation or silent contemplation. Then the powers above can suffuse our super consciousness or our higher state with superior knowledge and connection to spirit above.

Leave yourselves time for this amidst the daily mayhem of thought and action in this life.

The artist, the writer, the poet, the musician, the dancer are given gifts of tapping into the higher consciousness and lower at regular intervals.

Maybe they can truly and healthily connect their 3 levels of consciousness into one.


Suicide VS Spiritual Development

There is a time for every soul to make the transition.

Freewill is offered but sometimes there is a lack of will to battle against adversity.

That is no great matter as another incarnation can give a soul a classroom situation of learning and development .

If a brain is ill-functioning and causes a soul to give up the battle there is usually no great self- judgement and no great karma to address.

Related souls in another case are put into a situation of learning through loss.

There are spirits here trained to advise those who pass before their time in such a manner.

There is no great shame, there is no great judgement or damnation.

This is just another fragment of learning and adjustment in the progress of a soul over eons of time.

Do not grieve.



It is mankind’s nature to try to conquer men or to take from the weak. The broad picture certainly completely describes this. So difficult for a single soul to seek to change this fact.

That is the large tapestry, too large for one artist to complete alone. Concentrate on the smaller threads and interweave with a few other souls producing a pleasing and satisfying pattern or part of the whole which can be admired and appreciated on a small scale.

Continue to work with diligence on your allotted part of the whole.

Be content.


Universal Law Of Cause And Effect

War, skirmishes, using violence for ideals. All this is part of the karmic payback. You can call it love and hate, positive and negative.

All eventually balances to fit in with the universal law which can be likened to a giant computer but one which is faultless and can never be incorrectly programmed.

To observe actions of vengeance and hatred is very distressing. Even on a small scale it is distressing to observe hatred being expressed such as the actions of a bullying child.

Observe the child behind the hatred, hate the hatred but do not hate the child. See it with compassion. Their soul is merely caught up in the web of karma. It is indeed your karma to feel involved and upset. You too are learning from this as are the perpetrators and the victims.

You cannot rail against war or the attempts at world domination. It is part of the human condition. It has been with us since the beginnings of man’s social sensibilities.

When you are distressed by thoughts or observations of this, use it as a lesson of wisdom. Try to turn your thoughts away from condemnation to detachment plus compassion for both sides in the action.

Try to be unmoved in the sea of turmoil which is the human condition.




We find that the beginnings of wisdom is developing a simplicity of spirit. Develop an open and honest attitude to all the events that unfold before you. Through this you will become buffeted by the vicissitudes of life. A personality which is too greatly affected by mundane events is not really in a position to offer healing and safe advice to others. Doors unfold at an acceptable rate so as not to undo the important groundwork that is being laid down. Develop a steadiness of purpose. Keep asking for guidance and follow the path which shows itself to be the right one as it slowly unfolds.

There are so many this side attempting to influence your world through contact with those few who are allowing a path to open before them. Each contact is valuable as far as the progress of spiritual events is concerned.

Rest easy.



We are here.

We are always here.

Some of us do not have any other agenda but to be the spirit guardians of your everyday existence.

We hover and observe.

We notice your desires and efforts in life, your disappointments and tragedies and how you cope and learn from them.

As a general rule we are not in a position to interfere in your thoughts and actions but are always in a state of readiness.

You must learn to ask once you are aware of our existence .Then we can put in some advice.

This advice may only be perceived on a subconscious level or sometimes more directly through a medium if such an opportunity arises.

We are here.

Call on us.



By all that is true,

Ride the horse of adventure,

Climb the mountain of opportunity,

Glide on the river of abundance,

Benefit from the warmth of the sun in summer,

Feel the gentle rain on your skin;

Weather the cold and storms of deepest winter.

Guard those entrusted to you, meet the stranger with courtesy and cordiality.

Keep quiet council,

Learn from the experiences and tribulations of others.

Keep contact with spirit for healing and wisdom.

Walk with the clan in the sloping woodland.

Note the enthusiasm of the child and the wisdom of the elder.

Climb the mountain with the greatest of them for they lead you on the path if you take heed.

Sleep awhile.


Living in the here and now is a good exercise for fine pointing of the mind.

Dwelling on the past can be a pleasant pastime but can be a distraction from the demands of your present existence. 

Sometimes open the book of the past for the purpose of building a stronger connection with those who have gone before or to deal with the half suppressed matters of guilt.

We have, at some stage, to acknowledge the errors of our actions or attitudes in the past.

We are not the personality we were then but need to move forward in a clear light.

Do not seek the future but trust that it will be honourably and profitably used only ask for that which is a request with a spiritual aspect. Do not be surprised if it comes in a form which was not expected or at first recognised.

Rest well.

Continuous Existence


Continuous existence of the human soul. Spiritualist principle # 4.

Why would mankind bother to have negative emotions, battle through negative actions, bear losses, deprivations, desperation, sadness, bear wars and the terrible consequences of that?

Why would mankind bother to heed all the lessons that these things put upon them if it would not be a reward in the hereafter?

Why would mankind not decide to escape all these things by his own hand? Why does he know that this action is so completely against the value of life?

Why would mankind have a yearning to reproduce, to allow these lessons to be undertaken by the next generation?

Why does mankind struggle against all these odds to conquer them, to find peace of mind and some contentment of spirit?

Why does mankind have a strong conscience, a strong idea of a right and wrong and such a strong inclination to follow the right path? Surely it would be an easier life to deny conscience, not to act in a moral way, not to put himself out to do the right thing?

Think on these things.


It is necessarily instilled into children to tame “the wild beast”. It instils respect for others and for a way of life but as with most things, there is a positive and negative connotation to the word. It is obvious that that an immoral dictator can achieve objectives by using the obedience of his followers to supress others.

Our elected leaders are in a position to pass laws. Most laws will be to the disadvantage of some and must be followed. There comes a time when outrage is expressed at the passing of a law which is inhumane or not to the advantage of the majority of the citizens. Then it is the duty of the braver souls to express a lack of obedience in any manner they can. This should not be an excuse for total anarchy which is counterproductive for all but it is necessary to deal with the one reason for contention and it is usually repealed or altered.

Lack of obedience to the laws of nature is leading to a dangerous imbalance in the world but this cannot be changed by individual “obediences”. There must be a coalition of all the minds of those who are in control of those things which can harm nature or the very earth around us. Obedience to a law which allows us to use up fossil fuels or to dump foodstuffs or poison the surroundings in the production of items of luxury is twisting the meaning of the word. It is blind selfishness expressed by each and all. This cannot be changed by individual sacrifices. It leans on world effort.

Unconditional Love

Beware of unconditional love. If it is spread without thought and consideration, it can backfire. Those who receive may sometimes not be gaining by it.

They may not take consideration of themselves and their own progress. It sounds romantic but possibly best left to those in spirit as they might have the judgement as to which soul deserves or needs it.

Unconditional love from spirit goes without saying. Unconditional love from human to human involves an intricate web.

Guarded and metered out and self-protecting but unwavering love is probably the best course of action.

Use it wisely and well.

Soul Groups

Is it possible that humans operate at a spiritual level most efficiently when living and having their being within a small group, clan or tribal situation?

Are all soul-growing situations presented within the confines of a smaller grouping?

So it seems, if we incarnate into a more global or national situation then we are probably more aware of and dependant on the presence amongst us of incarnations which we discover to be a part of a soul group.

There is a theory that humans cannot comfortably relate on a personal level to more than thirty or forty other beings. This could support the idea that on the upper levels after death, the same principles apply.

Does connecting unconsciously in our lives to a limited soul group provide us with all situations and challenges that we might require on our path?

Are soul groups on these higher planes only able to reach a further soul level as a group?

This would indicate that common purpose, fellow feeling and helpfulness to others on their path is the prime purpose of our existence both on this plane and on others yet to be experienced or “re-experienced”

A Vow to Life

    Do not drift through life aimlessly. Make dreams and pursue them. Even if they fail, there is merit in the attempt. 

If all those  dreams that fail seem to be only for self-satisfaction, maybe it would be a good idea to ask spirit to point your life in the direction of helping others…they have dreams too, even if they seem to be insignificant ones.

Find your talents and use them. Vow to keep your spiritual path open.

    Vow to walk a path that fulfils your destiny. Vow to walk a path of helpfulness to your fellow man and nature’s creatures.

Vow to walk a path which minimises damage to mother earth.

Vow to honour other people and to nurture family and friends.

Are Regression Techniques Useful?

As in so many other aspects of life, there are positives and negatives. For some people facing regression is not something that suits them or would be useful for them. The past lives could bring up situations which were so traumatic that revisiting would serve no purpose. That life was finished and dealt with and shouldn’t influence the current one. On the other hand, many therapists find that if a patient spontaneously or deliberately with guidance visits a previous life then they can be free from current physical or emotional problems which, before the regression, seemed to be incurable. Therapists and circle leaders should recognize that when a person trying to regress is met by some sort of barrier to the experience, then it is best left alone. They are not meant to utilize that knowledge in this lifetime. If we need the knowledge about a previous life, it can be presented to us spontaneously in a dream. Just a hint of knowledge of previous life can convince a person of the reality of reincarnation, which is the teaching of most religions anyway.

Atheists and Believers

Atheists need not fear the afterlife as he believes at there isn’t one but he surely fears the potential final illness or agony of approaching death. Those who are believers are comforted by the idea that, although there might be pain and suffering, he believes that experience could be part of the growth of the soul and beyond that there is likely to be experiences of great joy. It seems that the coming home feeling very much overtakes the not wanting to let go feeling.

The atheist thinks he looks forward to oblivion which brings no terror or joys but surely he frets about letting go of the love of another or the great beauties of art  music and nature.

The believer in spirit must have a life of greater comfort as he looks forward to taking all those things with him and he suspects that those things beyond the veil are of more impact and beauty.

 So which thing is the more appealing…oblivion or promises of heightened experiences?

Black & White

The dark and the light.   The black and the white.


Things are not as straightforward as that .Black contains white and white contains black like yin and yang. Interpretations of a situation can be influenced by one or the other. For every effort we make in life, we have to consider whether we are doing it to promote the dark side or the light side.

Colour is diffuse. Colour is a melding. Mostly we deal with colour situations, a mudding. We can’t see the black and white, the wood from the trees. We should be more self-analytical in the motives and things we do. Most situations are not cut and dried. To be contented with our actions in life we should move towards the white and the light.

Deprivation of Senses 

There are so many ways in which a soul must develop. All development is overcoming the negativity of the dark side. Souls tend to move through and uncomprehending bestial life existence, then using various lifetimes to develop a moral conscience while displaying both possibilities of enlightened love and dark cruelty. This can take many lifetimes indeed until the soul is beginning to be more surrounded by the light.

Incarnations are still required to polish the rough edges of the personality and here it becomes more obvious that the soul is learning particular lessons through particular mediums such as interaction with families, war participation, dealing with the effects of the misuse of power and position or the misdirection of the use of wealth and materialistic items.

Later incarnations possibly have small lessons to be learnt but are undertaken for the purpose of relieving the troubles of others. This again may be through the particular medium of family, power, materialism etc.     

No   doubt the very last incarnations are wholly for giving love to others in various ways. There are no lessons to be learnt.  The world desperately needs the incarnations of those who are in that position, who lead by example and love. These incarnations may be called masters or can be quietly serving their purpose

Decline of a Healthy Sense of Purpose

Mankind’s’ sensibilities are of a very different nature than they were two hundred years ago. When the enlightened age bean, the shackles and depresses or oppressed aspects of the mind began to shift and new thinking emerged… freedom of thought… pushing aside religion, welcoming a change in the arts… but was the baby thrown out with the bath water? Was it easier to accept the narrow thinking which held the mind in an unthinking obedience to the outcome of mans’ actions? Now there is no more heaven and hell. There are spaces and places in-between and some of us do not find that those spaces give us a sufficient background of solidarity to which to cling when there are times of doubt and searching. For a time, science was the admired replacement for the old thinking. Now we find science does not give us all the spiritual answers. But wait…physics is beginning to prove that the very core of matter is becoming physically elusive and physicists are beginning to say they sense a spiritual aspect within the very matter within and around us. Another age of enlightenment might be upon us. 

Development should be Slow

Development should be slow. Do not hurry spirit. A person should not seek development for the purpose of impressing others and themselves. We should be prepared to sit and give power (for years if necessary).

Why is there the great rush to become a platform medium as soon as possible?

It should become a natural development which has arisen out of a very strong desire to be of service to others and for no other reason.

As we mature, we become wiser. Acquiring wisdom, in most cases, takes time. A gathering should feel that those contacting spirit on their behalf should be doing so with wisdom and they should be applying the teaching they have learnt along the way.

Right attitude and behaviour and respect on the rostrum leads to safety for all and a confidence in what is taking place.

By all means those on the rostrum should use the gifts of their personalities and their own sense of humour but that should not override a feeling of empathy and compassion for others.

If you have the desire to work for spirit, they will be the first to notice and they will prod you until you do but it does not matter how long it takes.


I stand by you. I guard you. I and others like me use the knowledge of our forefathers to promote knowledge in your world. Should your world become unbalanced and lean towards a greater amount of negativity, we as a large group can convene and try to promote the side of life which expresses positivity, happiness and hope.

The most uncomplicated earthly life still offers a great deal of schooling as far as the development of the soul is concerned. We stand by each of your shoulders as a single entity to encourage and guard but we are also able to meld with the minds of others to form a large group which devotes its attention and energy in promoting the good aspect of things, human and spiritual.

We can lower our vibrations as a single of multiple energy, to mix and influence those in your world who are good ‘receivers’ and who have positive aspiration in their work for others.

Should we need further knowledge and encouragement we can ask those in higher planes of consciousness than ours, to help support and advise in the same manner.

We do not claim to have all the answers and all the knowledge possible. When you reach the plane above yours you can play with instant gratification of many desires, usually after your soul has rested or you can join us in our delightful battle to lift all towards the Great Spirit realms.

Growing in Self

A human’s sense of self-worth starts in early childhood. It needs bolstering by adults in the form of physical cuddling and verbal praise. The little that a child produces needs to be boosted with an honest approach to giving the child what it needs. The child should not be over praised if the intention is to show off the child to others. A child that preens and catches the eyes of adults has developed an untrue sense of worth.

It should be an unobtrusive assimilation so that the journey to a confident adulthood can be taken with certainty and no let downs. An adult should never live their desires through their child. A child is born with talents and desires which can be nurtured by a mature adult, no matter in which direction they lie.

An offspring is not given to us to own. We should merely be, at first, the loving nest keeper and later the firm springboard from which they can launch themselves into life.

Go on Living

We lose someone. If they are beyond the veil collecting new experiences then we should not stand still in grief but find new experiences too while we are here. Then we take with us, when we go, further enrichments of experience, wisdom and knowledge. We can, no doubt, build on those in the next plane and meld those with the wisdom of others. We can take the advice of the wise ones who help us slot our jigsaw pieces of wisdom and certainty into our puzzle of existence. Time does not matter in the sense in which we experience it but time here and over there should be well spent and not squandered on amusement or selfish activities which do not impinge on the souls of others for our common development. We should reach up to help those ‘gone’ and we know they do reach down to help those ‘ left behind’.


Don‘t  judge issues. If involvement with others demand that you should be clear about what you think or about how you should deal with an issue, have the strength and courage not to side step and mumble.

Your actions can affect others. Your thoughts are likely to affect you. You cannot act with weakness or offer lame excuses and half-truths without your higher soul taking notice and having to deal with the outcome.

It all impinges on the matter of conscience.  We are the pilots of our spiritual lives and no one else.


You ’re out with a child in a pram. Stop and listen together. How many sounds can you hear? We only half use all of our senses. Sometimes tune in to a particular The still small voice…. Of conscience, of reason, of wisdom.

one to a greater depth.

Listen to what your body tells you.

Listen to what others tell you.

Listen to the pleading for help under the smile that says “I’m fine”.

Listen to what other cultures are telling you. We do not all react to our surroundings in the same way.

Stop and listen to the bird song. It is a miracle. Is it communication or a joy of living?

Listen at the crossroads.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your angels and guides.

 Your life will be the richer for it.

Life is not a Problem

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced-Kierkegaard

Life is a problem if you let it be such. Life is many problems compounding if you don’t deal with them right away. The problems presented by a life can be a binding cage through which you cannot pass. How can you consider spirituality when you are beset by tedious petty problems which are the baggage of any life journey? If the problems are not our own, we can still encage ourselves by fretting over the problems of others. Sometimes, sitting in the cage is the result of allowing the problems to be blown out of all proportion and causing stress.

How to rise above this ‘sea of troubles’?

 The concept of stepping back solves many of them. We can develop the habit of stepping back from petty problems or from too much emotional input into the problems of others. If this stepping back is not possible, if we are very relied upon by others, it has to be seen as acts of self-sacrifice which is also part of the tapestry of life. How can we judge how much we are evolving through self-sacrifice or through cares for the state of the world compared to how much we evolve while seeing things more clinically from the stepped-back position?

Let it Be

  We cannot change the world?  We can interact with parts of it. We can improve ourselves, we can assist others but if we think all has to be within the framework of the physical world that we all share, we are wrong. The non-physical world threads and manifests all through this and here we can abandon the concept of “let it be”.  We can hone in on these non-physical manifestations and use them for the advantage of ourselves and others. It is subtle and should take all of our life intentions. It is a new path, an amazing path that has opened before us. We are aware   that we are no longer who we once were. Quietly and unassumingly we can tread the path, aiding wherever unconsciously influencing the paths of others.

Is Repayment of Kindness…?

repayment of kindness, repaying a debt

Give out. It is not a matter of buying and selling or bartering. What better feeling can there be than using daily actions directed at kindness and helpfulness whether using work or social contacts for the purpose.

Living for yourself is only a way of passing time or to keep boredom at bay.

Also, do not reject kindnesses from others and call it independence. Swallow   the pride and realise that you are allowing enrichment in the lives of others who help you.

Ask the Great Spirit to allow you to utilise your daily time and actions for others.

Heal, nourish, succour, endeavour, listen, give advice, empathise.

 All these express the highest most useful form of love.

Is Love Enough?

 Try to picture the world without it. Imagine a preschool teacher who is completely indifferent to the charms of a toddler. Imagine a dance teacher or music teacher working at the level of a soulless automaton. Imagine a person being told a story of the heartbreak of an unfortunate and not feeling compassion. Imagine doctors and nurses not looking back on their careers and realizing how much they have helped. Imagine a medium not giving messages based on love and compassion.

As long as the drive in life is not towards success, materialism, using others and distorting ambitions, then the prime motive must be love. Love is the only thing of importance which we take with us to the other side. Over there it is the building blocks for further progression of the soul. It is ridiculous to think that in the next world, we could possibly imagine using power over others, materialism, hard ambition, treading over the needs of others on a glorious path to success.

The only glory, ambition and striving over there is to work to express love in various ways and to ride on a wave of exhilarating love. All our striving in THIS difficult plain should be along the principles of love.

Intelligence v. Common sense


A man is born with a certain amount of innate intelligence. This can be tested by a system such as the IQ test or the entry test for Mensa. This gift, he has been given, does not mean that he is equipped to lead a life of empathy and love or that he will go on his pathway making the best decisions for himself or others.


He is equipped, no doubt, to be one of those who could master the control of the problems of this world, but he might not leave behind him a legacy of respect or admiration.


Common sense and being in touch with those at the grass root level and all that that could achieve in the world might end up being much more important or the well being of the population and the planet.


Using your common sense in a directed way, leads to wisdom. Wisdom is probably not something that you are born with… It is probably a reward offered to us as a result of being full of empathy and common sense in or dealing with others.




In paradise all wishes are granted. All appetites can be satiated but is this a true definition of what paradise should be.

Surely a grasping for self of all that is available is not in the interests of the progress of the whole of spirit  

A coin thrown in a well? Wishes granted. These can lead to satisfaction of basic instincts…. Wealth, fame,   glittering gold.

We arrive in this life with nothing but a personality that needs to be honed. Satisfying basic grasping instincts are a distraction from what we should really be achieving. We go with nothing but a changed personality, hopefully, for the good.

What is the point of this so called paradise if it offers us the same distractions from our true purpose?

IN that realm we can ask for a mansion or a cosy cottage or endless fishing by the bank or piles of glittering coins to count through.

But what could be the satisfaction in that after a first experience of it. It must surely start to feel like the illusion it really is and we should then start grasping towards knowledge, wisdom, care for the souls of others.

Why wait ‘til we get there  at the end of this life?

Why not start now?


People who ‘have it together’ and people who’ fight themselves’

If you are lucky enough to be one of the former, take some time to express thanks. You have been given a gift. Do not waste it.

People who have to fight themselves probably had insecure childhoods or were born with genes that push them in the direction of a series of problems in their lives…indecisions, jealousies, insecurities and addictions.

Some of the latter group do still manage to dedicate a large amount of their energies into improving the lot of others. The former group should not rest on their laurels but should use the stability they have been awarded.

A life most fulfilled is one which has been dedicated to helping others, teaching others, caring for others, fighting for the rights of the dispossessed.

Whichever group we consider ourselves to be in, spiritual lessons in life are there for the taking with thoughtfulness and application.

Personal Responsibility

Responsibility for the actions of others should be limited to the guidance we give our children before they are of an age to take up their personal responsibility.

If our life circumstances cross the path of others and there seems to be an imbalance in the relationship, then person A is probably putting power upon person B or drawing power from B.

A person should give any advice they are able to or should protect themselves from and acknowledge the power being put upon them and then they should stand back or allow the relationship to have less relevance. Person A has his own path of knowledge or wisdom upon which to tread.

Receiving a Message


We do not always find it necessary but who of us would reject  a message from our loved ones if they wish to come through to us. These are people we have known so well and with whom we spent, probably, many years.  We have to wait so many years long to meet them again.

Sometimes there are unfinished  emotional issues or apologies to be made.

 Every medium must know that they are consciously or subconsciously willed by the audience to give them a message.

The correct thing to do is to graciously receive a message but to remember that the shared power of transmitted love to the the rostrum is liable to produce enhanced mediumship


Are we sitting for others or only for ourselves?


Respect or consideration. Where does one end and the other begin? Consideration does not change in its meaning. It means acting in your life in the way you wish to but at the same time, not treading on or trampling on those whose sensibilities could be hurt by what you are doing. Maybe it would not be too bad a thing if what you want to achieve is sometimes completely curbed by the fact that others would be offended or hurt. There are so many possibilities of expressing our ideas and acting out our wishes in a way that is positive and healthy. We do not need to show off by hurting others.

Respect seems to be a phenomenon which can change over time. What our grandparents thought of as respect, we now very often see as mindless obedience to trifling traditions. We are no longer curbed by dress and music restrictions and we no longer mindlessly respect our ‘elders’ just because they are older.


Regret should be something that we do not focus on too sharply. Regret is sometimes lost opportunities so we learn the lessons of not letting that happen the next time.

Regret can be ruing the day that we did not make the best outcome out of a tricky relationship…regret that we were totally overcome by our highly charged emotion.

Second chances always present themselves in some karmic fashion so a regretful feeling can lead to a determination not to lose the opportunity of making the best of similar situations and hopefully, producing an outcome of understanding, compromise and even love.

Guilt and regret are two emotions that we really do not wish to be tormented by. The hard thing is to analyse them and offer them up to the creator and to try to move forward with a fresh start. 

All negative happenings in a life are the opportunities to be spiritually stretched, to overcome, to be knocked down and to stand up to face things again, to find our fighting spirit, to grow in understanding of ourselves and others.

May your existence be blessed and free of guilt and regret.

Speaking in Tongues

Do not babies use all the sounds of the human voice? Are not all the old and new languages available to those who can delve into the human’    subconscious?

Is not human consciousness at its deepest levels a thing to be shared and experienced by mankind?

Is it not one of the proofs of the relatedness of all the spirit of mankind though he may be divided by race, geography and culture?

Is it true that he must be thus divided until he reaches the upper realms where language no longer matters and where thought alone dictates communication?

All production of sound by the voice box is to demonstrate communication or to produce harmonies such as singing. So the use of voice can be a thing of necessity, beauty or mantra or merely the expression of power.

Beware the unnecessary use of language for it can then be a distraction away from the necessity of stillness and calm which is a spiritual necessity.

Seek the hidden voice of intuition, reason and joyful knowing.

“I think. Therefore, I am”


Silence is sometimes to be desired for the serenity of the soul. Too much of it can be wearing to the soul which is probably why some monastic orders impose it. The   resultant negative feelings caused by it can lead to a stronger urge towards contemplation of the meaning of life and the afterlife.

Most mortals now living in concrete jungles are exposed to a way of life, having to   communicate or listen to communications which are endless as is the mechanical and digital clatter around them. As a result, the practice of mindfulness and meditation are on the increase. This is not imposed but offered as a relief valve.

Humans who are cut off from others by isolation and loneliness cannot appreciate the constant silence and turn to media noises as a relief.

It is always an encouraging thing to hear of schools that introduce practices of yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts and techniques of complete relaxation, especially if these are replacing sin bins and detentions.

The Institution of Marriage

There is a biological urge to reproduce. We have cloaked it in a romantic picture of “blind love”. This stage cannot last and the participants have to continue the relationship to provide stability for the young.

While so doing, they should be using the relationship for maturing their personalities. It is vital that one doesn’t stifle or engulf the other.

Old fashioned values must be thrown out of the window. Each partner must feel free to develop their own interests and ambitions within the framework of companionship.

The binding contract of a formal marriage could be taken as a promise to the security of the progeny. In modern life reproduction is a matter of choice and not a biological chance of nature. Maybe that leads to a greater responsibility within the marriage framework and therefore to the greater potential for mature growth within the contract.

A failed marriage is not necessarily a disaster. A participant should have the right to break the contract without being subject to moral condemnation by others. Nevertheless the parent should be primarily concerned with the impact on a child before this takes place.

In modern life we are not meant to endure a hopeless cause for fear of criticism by temporal or spiritual organisations.

Same sex marriages or relationships offer the same advantages of companionship and a school of personal growth.

The Journey of Life

Which is more important? The outward journey taken by mankind or the inward mental seeking and arriving? Aborigines go walkabout. Men have explored the world. We have reached the moon. Even small errands of shopping are journeys producing various experiences. There is the journey of learning to walk and speak. The journey through the educational process.

 Inner journeys continue through all this, sometimes, but not always, affected by the outward physical events.

There is a long slow process of inner realisations concerning the nature of religion or ethics. The milestones of these journeys are often signposted by unforgettable dreams welling up from the subconscious and pointing our way which we might not even analyse.

Art, music, literature can provide large steps forward in this process. Even should a person be caged in by lack of means or physical abilities, the inner important journey should not be stopped.

We should ever be seeking the way.

Trial or Trail?

Do you look back on your life and picture it as an endless succession of trials which you have had to endure or do you look at all those major and minor hiccups and see they were meant to be? They toughened you up, you overcame obstacles, and you did not flag and seek to leave the gritty path that you were traversing. Then let us suppose that all these trials were not as they seemed to be… they were incidents left on your trail for you to deal with.

We all in life have a trail that we were destined to follow. It might for some represent a fairly smooth path and for others it is littered with obstacles and rocks. Whatever our path or destiny, we cannot step off it in avoidance. That is not fulfilling the potential progress that you can make in this lifetime. It is failing and falling by the wayside. Somewhere or somehow, these obstacles will appear again and will have to be faced.

Life is not meant to be a picnic at the side of the path, it is meant to be fulfilling what needs to be undertaken or following your personal trail.

May there still be joys and laughs along the journey.

We are not supposed to worry

Out of decency, we must show concern towards the troubles of others but it should not have a negative effect on us. If we cannot do anything physically helpful and have already given any advice that we are able to, we should release any further negative emotions. We are probably worrying about the pathway of someone else and that is not ours to tread.

As for worries concerning ourselves, most of the events we are worried about, do not take place. What a waste of positive life is that!

If an unpleasant event seems inevitable, don’t let it churn and fly around your mind. Follow what you would do if this worry should take place. What more can you do about it….nothing.

So take this monster worry, mentally fight it down the line before it happens and then it is dealt with for the time being.  You’ve dealt with it beforehand, as it were, and you can put it aside.

Worry is a negative emotion. Don’t revel in it and think it is something expected of you if it concerns others. Contentment is only available when negative thinking is regularly dispersed.

We need to be Stronger

We need to be stronger beyond the veil

Why? Isn’t heaven the place where you sit back and say, enjoy the choirs of angels? No more pain and heartache or striving.  Maybe that is all true except for the striving factor.  You arrive there …you are met by friends and relatives. .. you can observe the wonderful colours… you can build your dream house. There are endless playful pursuits… whatever your mind can imagine can seem to be made a reality. But what if in your last earthly existence you were an artist of some sort, in the caring or healing professions, an inventor, a teacher? Would you consider that aspect of your soul to have completed its tasks? Not necessarily. No one round you now will prod you or teach you or guide you as they did on earth. It is harder as you must make the effort and deliver the results of what you learnt on earth or expand the ‘work’ required within it. For without your so doing your development is arrested and that would hold back the development of those on earth. You are now in a position to move mountains for them or souls around you by your own efforts. Doing anything else would seem like a wasteful playful game…a diversion from the true path and purpose of your soul. Spirit though is nevertheless on call to help you with any desires.

Truth from the Other Side


Truths are inescapable facts, not surmise or fanciful imaginings. Sometimes a human has a wish to guide others but takes on a cloak of a newly formulated religious idea or set of ideas. Who is to say that they have tapped into absolute truths or that they are merely feeding their egos and devising a power system to place upon others?

 They can do great harm to the vulnerable seeker. When a person is in trance, how is the listener to ascertain that they are listening to absolute truths from the other side? Could there be a tainting in the pronouncements by the subconscious mind of the medium?

 Integrity and honesty should be the intention of all those sitting and this should be insured by all the respective door keepers, however those living this life are subject to good and bad desires.

 Hopefully the wisdom of the listener will enable him to discern what facts come through to be of use to his own developing knowledge. Spiritual activities can place a person in a position of power where he can abuse the trust of others. Always ask for protection and integrity before embarking on these methods for seeking after knowledge.



Do not think that those gifted with the ability of mediumship are automatically free of petty or main worries. They are likely to be assailed with those hassles just as much as the rest of us, there is just a further dimension to their mental lives which they are able to use for the service of others.

They too have the usual pathway to follow, the usual uncertainties and illnesses. So mediumship is not escapism, it is the receipt of a gift which, with training, can be used for consolation and upliftment of others.

Life is always a series of ups and downs for all of us.

When we are in the downstate, it is so important to be able to receive support and encouragement from those who might be in a stronger position at the time.

This help might be practical, emotional or healing. To know that all this can be reinforce d by those we have loved who are beyond the veil can definitely be termed upliftment.

Vast Oceans…

Vast oceans of knowledge waiting

You only have to ask. You, on the earth plane, cannot realise how eagerly we gather here in groups. It is so much more effort for us to influence you in some way. All you have to do is open your minds and ask us to send through inspiration. There are so many fields in which we work. If we lived scientifically led lives, we still have a burning desire for mankind to stretch himself in that direction and take us with him on a wave of discovery. We so love the power of words and respond to the desire to use poetry or prose. The ultimate realisation of the power of love is usually expressed so well in words.  Also do not forget the common journey we can forge in art and music.

We are not supposed to Worry

Out of decency, we must show concern towards the troubles of others but it should not have a negative effect on us. If we cannot do anything physically helpful and have already given any advice that we are able to, we should release any further negative emotions. We are probably worrying about the pathway of someone else and that is not ours to tread.

As for worries concerning ourselves, most of the events we are worried about, do not take place. What a waste of positive life is that!

If an unpleasant event seems inevitable, don’t let it churn and fly around your mind. Follow what you would do if this worry should take place. What more can you do about it….nothing.

So take this monster worry, mentally fight it down the line before it happens and then it is dealt with for the time being.  You’ve dealt with it beforehand, as it were, and you can put it aside.

Worry is a negative emotion. Don’t revel in it and think it is something expected of you if it concerns others. Contentment is only available when negative thinking is regularly dispersed.